Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another BFN

Well the result of this month's IUI was a BFN, as I already predicted a week ago. I guess you just get to know your body though all of this junk, and well, I just knew. But on the bright side, I was pretty much expecting this, so I am not really upset.

So where do we go from here? Good question! I spoke to the nurse at the clinic today, and she told me the doctor is out of town until Thursday, when she will ask him what our next step should be. She said it would probably be to come in for an appointment with him to discuss how we will stimulate my ovaries differently, and with different drugs this time then last, and what time frame we are looking at to get started. She did say it may be a month before we get started because I was just put on Syn.throid last week due to hypothyroidism. He may want me to be taking the medication for a month to get my TSH levels closer to 1.0! That is more than fine with me, because I do not want to do this if everything is not just RIGHT!!

On a side note, work is totally stressing me out. I will be teaching the lowest level students starting in May for the next 5 weeks. I really hate those classes and my boss just keeps putting me with them, instead of keeping me with the RN students where I do best. Ughhhhhh, I was just so aggravated when I found out today. But I digress, I am trying to be thankful that I have a job is this perilous economy; I will survive I guess.......

I will update again as soon as we know when/where we will begin our exciting adventure in the Shared Risk program!!!!

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