Friday, July 30, 2010

An update!!!

Hey ya'll !!!! Just wanted to let you know, I went to the clinic at 730am this morning, and it looks like we are going to be okay!They drew my blood to check again for low estrogen levels, and then I had a new doctor do my US. I loved her, much more than my RE I think. Anyway, she said that I do not have a follicle. But rather it is a cyst, and so now on my left ovary I have 2 cysts.

She hopes that this will not affect my stimulation with the drugs, and after they call this afternoon with the blood work results, she is fairly certain we will begin stimming tonight!!! YEAH!!!!

I prayed that the Lord would line everything up in His time, and that He would make everything perfect! Just wanted to update cause I know some of you were waiting!

Thanks again for the prayers, and I will let ya know when I know more!!!


  1. Wonderful news!!

  2. So glad to hear! Keep us posted. (((HUGS)))