Friday, September 3, 2010

Our first call about adoption.

Yesterday we made our first call about adoption! I still am having some mixed feelings about adoption, but I want to explore it and see what may come of it. I don't want to close off any door that may lead to the child God has for us. They are sending lots of information to us, and we start by attending an informational meeting on Sept 21st.

I asked about the time frame, and she said for a white baby- the wait is about 18 months; for a mixed or black baby- the wait is significantly less. So we will let you know how all this goes. We want to start our home study and try to get the clock ticking now because we know this is a long process.

No we are not completely done trying to get pregnant with our own biologic children, but we also don't want to wait until that is all done and THEN begin the home study. We are ready to be parents, any way that the Lord makes it possible.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us, our hearts, and our family in waiting.

Oh and PS- Earl was a total dud! Just a rainstorm, nothing else. All that hoopla for nothing!


  1. Yay! Exciting that you are beginning this process. I hope to someday in the near future. Thanks for sharing your adoption journey. I know that I will be able to learn from it. Praying for you and that the perfect baby will soon be placed in your arms. :)


  2. Hey! Super cool that you are in VA Beach. Look for me panting across the finish line :) Glad that you were spared Earl. And you are in my thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult journey you are on. Boy, life just doesn't seem fair sometimes, but your faith that God is in control, and that he can do ANYTHING, is awesome! Glad to connect with you.

  3. I just read this now....I'm so sorry I missed it before!

    I just wanna hug you. Soooo much of what you wrote is how I feel. Don't want to give up on carrying and yet don't want to miss out on something. I figure I'll let God close the doors, not me. :)