Sunday, October 3, 2010

My first visit with Brehanna

This past Friday I was off from work as it was the end of the 5 week term at work. So I decided to finally go visit my good friend Robin and her new baby Brehanna. I have not been over because of my obvious pain, but it was time for me to put the pain away and go celebrate the miracle of life with my friend. Here is Robin and her precious one.
Then it was my turn to hold her. I held her for about an hour, and it felt wonderful! There were certainly some tears, but it was so nice. When I first started holding her, she was wide awake and smiling at me! Then I rocked her to sleep, but it was truly a wonderful feeling to hold a newborn.
And here she is when she was wide awake, and talking to me..... looking perplexed here.....

then, kind of excited.....

Tthis was their 1 yr old dog Bailey. Boy was she hyper! She was fun to play with and I played fetch with her after holding the baby. Cute doggie!

This was such a nice visit, such a much-needed visit. I have not had a real long face-to-face talk with a close friend about this heart-wrenching journey I am on, until that day. I cried, she cried with me, and we felt the hand of God. It was food for my soul.....

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