Monday, March 21, 2011

A Hard Post- but it was requested

This is a hard thing to do, but I know so many people love us and wish to help us.

I have had 3 requests for ways to give us money to help us in the undertaking of the surrogacy that is VERY expensive. So some of my very crafty friends suggested a PayPal button where they could donate some money to help us. I thought that was so sweet of them. But please I do not want anyone to feel obligated or pressured. It is there simply for those who are asking on how to help us. Believe me every little bit helps!!! I am getting a second job in the evening after my normal full-time job to try to help us make it- so believe me we are so grateful!

The button is directly to the left of this column- at the top where it says "Donate".

Thank you again for every one's willingness to help us- even if it is praying for us constantly- we feel those prayers and are so thankful for them ALL!!! God Bless you all for everything!

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