Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Settling on a church home

Those of you that know us IRL know that we have had a very hard time settling on a church home this side of the water.  Our church home in Hampton , Liberty Baptist, is where our heart is and where we desire to be, however the drive each week coupled with the inability to get involved during the week in the activities (again because of the distance and traffic on weeknights), makes making that our permanent church home not feasible.  ESPECIALLY now that we have our Chloe Bug that must be raised in church and have her friends there.   Soooo......
 So that brings us to this past Sunday, we finally decided as a family that we will be attending New Life Providence Church where most of our friends are, and make this our church home.  So we dressed up our little princess in her butterfly smocked dress and we were excited to go knowing that we are going to try to make this our "home", and that we are not just visiting again.
When you have grown up in church all your life and have had that anchor of friendship and companionship all your life, it is very hard when you feel like you don't have it.  Infertility really isolated me and us.  We stopped going to church for awhile because I couldn't take seeing all the littles dressed for church and all the perfect families sitting in the pews.  It litterally broke my heart over and over.  But now I feel like I have that perfect "little family" that I wanted so badly and we are anxious to get back in the groove with our friends and to make some new ones!!!
I remember so well when I was in the midst of my depression and struggle with infertility, Sweetness and I were "visiting" this church one Sunday, and they had an amazing prayer time for those asking God to do something BIG in their life.  And both Sweetness and I were moved to go forward and pray with the pastor about our struggle to conceive.  I was hungry for God, I was desperate for Him to tell me it was going to be okay...... and you know what?  He did. 
When Pastor Dan prayed over us, he begged God to do something BIG and AMAZING in our life- that we would have a testimony to tell of what He did for us through the building of our family.  And to now see that prayer answered, and answered in such an amazing way!!!  So Sunday I had to let him meet my Chloe bug. 
He was floored at how beautiful she is and he said what I have been longing to hear..... He said "I would have never known.  She looks just like you!"..........  Oh be still my heart!!!!
We have not officially moved our membership yet, but that will come in time.  But I just can't tell you how wonderful it feels to decide that you "belong" somewhere.  It's a great big world out there and these people are just the most genuine, loving people and I feel that Chloe will have a great group of friends that she can form at this church..........
So after a great church service, we went shopping for all the items we need now to rebuild our Bathroom.  I have not told you this yet but we had a leak in an interior wall pipe between the 2 bathrooms.  When ServP.ro came over to clean up and demolish the walls in the master to find the leak, they found a bunch of MOLD!!!!  Ewwwwwww   not to mention dangerous........  so they cleaned it all (re mediated it) and applied anti-microbial agents to it, and the big driers have been drying it since last Thursday when they came.
So now we are going to  remodel it since its down to the studs and put in a tile shower with a door, not another bathtub that no one uses.  We are also putting in all new drywall, tile floor, vanity, mirror, medicine cabinet and light fixture.  It's going to be wonderful!  I will post the before, during and after pictures!!!
So after all that walking around Home Depot for a couple hours, Baby girl was exhausted, needing a nap.  We headed home and I changed her clothes and snapped these shots.  She was so smiley and happy I just couldn't resist.  So here she is hanging with her Daddy.....
The most precious little face......
And this picture above, is one of my favorites.....because this little facial expression is one I love...... its her little smirk!!  Gosh she is cute.....

Then she took a long nap and so did Mommy and Daddy!!!!  And let me tell you ---I looooove a good Sunday afternoon nap!!!  Yes ma'am!!!

Well that's all for today.   Friday is Chloe's 6 month check up at the doctor  :(  and then we only have next week with our favorite sitter.............We've got lots of changes coming up!!!   Hope you have enjoyed our little post for today- we will see you again real soon!!!!

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