Friday, June 1, 2012

Master Bathroom Remodel.......It's finally finished!!!!

Yes it is finally finished!!!  It has been completely done for about 2 weeks now, but stupid blogger would not upload the finished pictures so I could not post this post without the finished pictures. 
So for those of you who don't know, we had a leak in the pipes in the internal wall between both of our bathrooms, and it was a very slow leak, not a gusher, so of course our homeowner's insurance refused to cover ANY of it!!!  Arggggg.  But we HAD to fix it because we had black mold that had begun to grow back behind the walls and behind the old timey tile that was in there and had been installed all wrong whenever this house was built about 20 years ago.  So we hired Serv.Pro to come remediate the mold, and they did a great job of scrubbing the mold and then containing it all and demoed the entire room down to the studs as you can somewhat see in the first pic below.  However in the first pic, we had already started putting the new dry wall back up.

Two very major things had to be done in this bathroom to have what we wanted done.  The first was the drain hole had to be moved from the left (for a normal draining tub) to the center (what you see below) for our new tiled shower.  So we hired a plumbing company who busted the concrete of the slab of our house and moved the drain from the left to the center for this new drain pan that you can see installed below (it's the white thing with the blue protective liner still on it).  The second major thing that was done was the toilet was moved 4 inches to the left to give us a wider shower. So once again they had to bust the concrete slab and move it over, as you can see the freshly poured concrete just infront of the drain pan in pic below.  4 inches may not seem like alot, but it makes a HUGE difference in the shower width!!!
Also in the picture above you can see how the plumber ran the copper piping all the way around the back of shower so we will have a double headed shower when it's finished!!  SWWWWEEET!!!
Then all the new drywall was installed by a drywall company who did it SO fast and made it look SO easy (which it is NOT!!!) I was very pleased with how perfect it came out!!  They also put insulation between each of those studs you see in the above picture.
Then the tile guy which we came to really be good friends with, he was at our house so much, he installed DurRock, which is a concrete type of drywall that look grey that is on all the walls of the shower.  It holds the tile up very nicely and securely.  You should never hang tile on drywall!!
And after her got the Dur Rock hung he began to hang the tile we had picked out!  In the pick below you can see the two places where the shower spickets will be coming out of the tile on the left and right side walls.....
I think its funny to look at the Du Rock in this picture and see it says 20% off!!!  Our tile guy got us a deal on it when he bought it- and every little bit helps when we added up the total cost of the LITTLE renovation!! HA!!
And then the next day, he had ALL the tile hung in the shower!!  He had the idea of doing it straight on the bottom of the decorative line and then angle it at 45 degrees above the decorative piece!  I LOOOOVE the way it turned out!!  And I should mention that I choose those decorative pieces to go wit our tile- I usually cannot envision anything, but with this I was able to see how pretty I thought it would look!!
And then we asked him install some shelves for us to sit all our bottles of "stuff" on, I mean where was the shampoo and such going to sit?  On the floor of the shower???  No way!  So he cut out a small area and put up these 4 really cute corner shelves, that are so functional and really sturdy!!!
And here is the finished tile from a distance....  he also put the same tile on the floor at the 45 degree angle before anything else was installed.  Looking good....
Below is a closeup of the decorative tile I selected, the little green pieces area actually clear crackled green glass, sooooooo pretty, and then the little "pencil" pieces on each side really added to it I think- they were outrageously expensive but I think it adds so much to the overall look of the shower.
Then we had to search for the right shower doors that fit our little shower.  we went with sliding doors because its not a huge bathroom and it would keep it open instead of having a door opening all the time.  We got this set at Home Depot, and they narrowly fit, with little room to spare- but I love hop they are frosted gradually from eye level down, the entire door is not frosted glass- that way you can see out while in the shower.
Our tile guy stayed and installed it for us because he actually had to grind out pieces of tile so the sides would fit!!  He was amazing!!  Highly recommend if anyone needs tile work done in Va beach area!
Then we primed and painted and began to add the finishing touches!!!
New light fixture, new medicine cabinet, new towel ring.....
The plumber came the next day to install all the hardware in the shower and the sink faucet.  The shower is so cool, we can have 2 heads of water spraying on you at one time or you can just have either one on at any time.  So to accommodate this we had to have a new 50 gallon water heater installed, but the other one was on its last leg anyway.
 The third mirror we bought and brought home was finally the fit in our space and it was the right color.  So Sweetness and I hung it in about 5 minutes and we love it!!  Oh and by the way, I hung that new toilet paper holder hanging out on the bottom of the picture- that was all me baby!!!
 so just a few last shots of the finished product.......  My side with my bottles of "stuff"
 Sweetness' side with his bottles of "stuff"...... and a small sliver of our brand new white toilet.
 And last but not least, a pic of the vanity we settled on, and I do mean settled on.  It is a very long story not to be typed her, but just suffice it to say that no vanities are made today with left side drawers  30" width that do not cost $639 for the vanity.  We spent a small mortgage on this renovation and I was not dropping that kind of money on a vanity just so we could ave left handed drawers like the old one we took out, but alas this one looks just fine and it is actually growing on me.
So there it is, our new Master Bathroom!!!  We love it, and it makes taking a shower every morning so much nicer when you are so tired, to turn on those bright lights and have the massaging shower heads massaging your shoulders.  Hopefully this will add value to our home and we will get a lot of enjoyment out of this room!  Hope you enjoyed the renovation!!!

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