Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chloe's 1st Birthday party at Preschool


Yes I know we already celebrated her birthday with her big party at the FunForest but that was 3 days before her real birthday, so we had to have another little celebration!!!
So these pictures are from her actual birthday. Oct 16th!!!
 We woke her that morning as usual, and I couldn't wait to dress her in this cute little birthday girl onesie and happy rainbow colored pants!!!  She is just the most beautiful child ever!!!  Look at that SMILE!!!!
 Ahhhhhh.... Love this shot too!!!
 Happy Happy girl!!!  It's MY birthday!!!!

 So we took her to nursery school as usual that morning, then after lunch and their naps, me and Grandma went to her day care and brought cupcakes that Grandma had baked and had a small little party with her friends!!!  it was so cute!!!
I took video as well to remember this day by- so special!!!
Here they are all sitting at their table ( I love this table- I want one in my house :0)) 
Chloe's hat has falling backwards.....
 So we sang Happy birthday and they all clapped and then we gave them cupcakes with just white icing, no sprinkles or fondant......  and Chloe immediately takes her plate and dumps the cupcake right off of it!!!  Turkey!!
 She hated her hat- so we had to take it off, and then she began to run her fingers through her hair and it was gettin' crazy in there I tell ya!!!
 This little precious gem is Benjamin, and he is Chloe's boyfriend as we call him.... the two of them are always together and they love each other- its so sweet!!!
 and here is Clarissa- and this little child began to suck on the cupcake, and shoved the whole thing in there!!!  Her 1 year birthday is in 2 weeks too!!!
 This picture has got to be one of my favorite!!!!  Chloe runs her hands up in her hair full of icing and it was soooo funny that I caught her hair like this-  of course you know I was cringing inside thinking of my girl getting so ickky!!
 Riley, Billy and Benjamin are enjoying that cupcake!!!!
 Sweet little Savannah isn't old enough to have any cupcake just yet- so she bounced in her jumperoo!!!
 Of course we had to get a shot with the best Grandma in the world with her birthday baby girl!!!
 and the momma.... I hate this picture of me, but I'm her Mom and I
 don't want her to not have any pics of me in her book!!
 Mommy kisses for the birthday girl!!!
 And this is Ms. Cassie. Chloe is so attached to her...... and I'm so glad she has someone
who loves her so much while I'm away and that she really loves as well.
 another one of her day care teachers is Ms. Dot.  She loves Chloe as well. 
All the ladies are all so sweet to her at her nursery school!!
and last but not least this is Ms. Karen.  She is leaving to go to another job, and tomorrow is her last day......  we are going to miss you Ms. Karen.  God speed to you and all your future endeavors.  Chloe will certainly miss you as well!!!

So that wraps up her 1st birthday celebrations!!!  She is one loved amazing little girl..... and the wonderful ladies who watch her during the day are truly angels sent from above.  They love these little children and they teach them about Jesus all day long- and there is nothing better than that!!!

Happy Birthday Angel!!!  I hope you will one day look back at these pictures and smile  :)

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