Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello 13 weeks and hospital stay.....

Today we are 13 weeks along!!!  Yeah!!  But boy is this one hard fought battle to get here. I feel like this is all I talk about but truly I have been bed ridden for the last 7 weeks and the Hyperemesis and vomiting just continued to spiral downward. So the fetal medicine group admitted me to the hospital on Wednesday morning. They were finally able to stop the vomiting and get the fluids in me.

Today I had a PICC line put in my arm and I will be receiving IV nutrition and IV fluids in that line at home. It's just a fancy IV really. But it is easier to care for and lasts longer than a regular IV.  

So they discharged me home tonight and the home health company nurses will be out to the house tomorrow to hook up everything. 

Before being admitted to the hospital, Tuesday I had my bimonthly OB visit. They were pleased with the baby's progress and also did an US and we got some amazing pictures. 

I am going to do my next post on the baby's sex bc we did find out and show the pictures they took at the doctor visit on Tuesday.  They are nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers. I am so hoping this sickness gets better as we move into the 2nd trimester next week!!!  Woooo hooo

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