Monday, June 29, 2015

Childbirth classes

So tonight Daddy and I began a 6-week class on childbirth!!!  I can not believe I am getting to experience this!!  I just never ever dreamed it would actually be ME preparing for labor!!!  

It was very informative and fun. There are 7 other couples in there as well and the teacher is very nice and knowledgable!!  It's so nice to feel that closeness to Sean as he learns ways to help me relax and I learn what to expect my body to do to help bring this miracle baby boy into the world!!!

We are now 28.5 weeks along!!!  I hit the 3rd trimester last Thursday at 28 weeks!! We are truly on the home stretch now.  And now that I am not puking all day every day, thanks to the IV Zofran in my PICC line, I am really enjoying my baby bump and enjoying being pregnant. 

I feel baby Jacob moving and kicking all around everyday and it's such a reassuring feeling knowing he is doing okay and just getting comfortable!!  

His room is almost done. I haven't posted the pictures yet because I need to get the swag curtains hung but then I will be done and I will do a post on his room full of Pottery Barn Kids' Eli the Elephant. 

Yesterday, we had a get together of my Mommy closet group and we had a tea party setup for the kiddos and a professional photographer came and took pictures of the group and individual families. They were all so adorable, I can hardly wait to see Chloe's pictures. Here are just a few we snapped on our iPhone so they are no where near good quality but just wanted to share a few of them!!!

Here's the whole gang....... At the tea
And a few of my angel baby girl.....

 I will certainly post the professional shots when I get them in a few weeks!!  And now I get to prepare for our maternity/family session which is tentatively scheduled for 4 weeks from now at the end of July. My mom is making me a gorgeous white and baby blue chiffon long maxi type dress and I am going to have Chloe in something white with those same blue accents!!!  We are taking them down on the beach at sunset and I know my photog will capture some amazing images!!!  

That's all for now...... Getting closer and closer to holding our sweet baby boy!!!  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes and for coming with us on this journey.  And what an exciting journey this is!!!!!! πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’™

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