Friday, July 31, 2015

33 weeks today!!!!

My goodness!!!!  We are almost ready to meet this sweet little boy!!  I can not believe we are 33 weeks today and in just a few short weeks he will be in our arms!!!  

I have been terrible about updating this blog!  I hate myself for it, because I so much want to document this amazing journey, but man life is SOOOO busy!!!!   Between working full time, taking care of a busy toddler and just being absolutely exhausted from pregnancy, it seems the blog posts always take a back seat!!

But I have several posts I hope to do over the next few days. We finally completely finished his room this week and took pictures so now I can finally do the post on his room.  Also, last weekend we had my maternity/family photo session done!  These pictures are going to be so amazing!!!  We got a few sneak peaks and I am absolutely IN LOVE!!!  So I will do a quick post on that and then last but not least, two weekends ago, my girlfriends gave me the sweetest baby shower and I MUST get that post up as well. All the pictures from the shower are on my big camera not my cell phone so it will take a bit more effort to download them onto my computer and then the blog but I will definitely do it because it was the prettiest shower I have ever seen and they worked so hard on it for me and Jacob!!!  

So as far as how I am doing, we are hanging in, getting bigger everyday but feeling pretty decent. I still have my PICC line in with 24/7 IV Zofran which has made such a huge difference in my life. I can pretty much eat and drink whatever I want, and I am very rarely if ever nauseous. Yeah!!!!  

At the doctor last week she decided to start twice weekly NST testing, where they hook you up and look for his heart rate accelerations and decelerations, monitor for contractions and keep an eye on his fluid levels; as all these things can rapidly change here in the last weeks of pregnancy when you are high risk like me ;)!!!!  But every test has been perfect I am so thankful to have such amazing doctors that are watching me so very closely.  

She did say that this next week on Tuesday, August 4th they will be doing an ultrasound to measure his size and growth estimate and then we would talk about delivery scenarios which may include induction several weeks early.  My birth defect in my intestines is a major factor here in this delivery and we want to try to maximize the chance that I deliver him vaginally and NOT have to have a C-section due to the complications that would undoubtedly arise should I have to be cut. So going a bit early where he is a bit smaller would help us in trying to reach that goal. 

So I will find out more next week at my appointment and see what she is thinking about how all this would best play out. 

Here is a snap hubby took of me just as we were leaving to get our professional photographs made last Saturday night.  Jacob has really grown a lot lately and finally poked out there to let us know he really is in there. I was so small for so long I was wondering if I was ever going to REALLY look pregnant??!!  But alas, I think I have finally achieved that look!!  

And not to leave out our sweet angel Chloe, she has been getting more and more excited with each passing day for her baby brother's arrival. I know she thinks he is never coming because we keep saying soon, but soon feels like an eternity to a 3 year old.  

 Here she was last Saturday running errands with us looking adorable as always....... 

 And here she was the next day on Sunday after church....... She never looks anything other than adorable and she loves having her picture made!!!!  Some days she will remind me, "Mommy, you forgot to take my picture!!"

I got home from work a little bit early yesterday, and she wanted to sit outside on our deck and play with her PawPatrol pup figurines, so we did just that......  And then she promptly reminded me that I had forgotten to take her picture that morning, would I please do it right then?  

And this was our picture....... How could I refuse taking pictures of such sweetness?!?!   

Sean and I are so SO blessed in our lives.    When I take inventory of my life and all that we have and have been given, it's hard not to just shout it to the roof tops how GOOD the Lord is to us.   Life isn't perfect, but it is pretty darn close!!!!  And with the addition of this miracle little boy, we just might have achieved PERFECTION ..........

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