Friday, July 17, 2009

I went under......and I'm back!

Well my surgery went well today. I will get to all that in a sec, but I am laying here in bed, trying to sleep but I have slept sooooo much today, I feel like I am going stir crazy! So I thought I would go ahead and blog about our day.

My precious Mom had an outpatient procedure this morning at the same hospital as me (go figure), so I went to the hospital with her and my stepdad at 730am. After they took Mom back for her procedure, I headed on upstairs to see a wonderful friend of mine. Yvonne is one of those God-sent friends, I know you all have at least one of these.

This woman is the most Godly and funny person you could ever meet. As she and I caught up for a bit, and I told her we were praying for twins. Her response was "you better name them Yvonne and Yvette!" Sooo funny!

I had not seen her in 6 months since our wedding. She is just one of those people that makes you feel so good when you are around her! This woman has prayed for me about major events in my life in the past 8 years I have known her and I am so thankful for a friend like this. I love you Yvonne!

Well on to the big event of the day. I had to leave mom to head on over to the Ambulatory Surgery Center for my procedure. (Mom was doing great by the way) Sweetness and I walked in at 10am, and they took me right back. Of course I am such a "hard stick" they tried 3 times to get in an IV, and they finally had to call the anesthesiologist, Dr Wilder, and wouldn't you know he got it first stick! That is actually surprising to me, because usually doctors can not put in IVs anywhere near as well as nurses. But hey by that point, 3 sticks with a 22-gauge needle, I was just about over it!!
They then went and got sweetness so he could sit with me, and he took this lovely picture of me below. (I look so thrilled .)
Well we continued to sit there after signing away my life on all these consent forms, and I continued to get more and more anxious. So my sweet nurse Cathy got permission to give me some Versed, or as she called it "Happy Juice."
After about 10 mins, I was feeling much more relaxed, and I then looked like this....

Not long after, I was taken on back. And I awoke to people trying to get me to wake up! That really is the best sleep. Seriously, you do not want to be bothered. But they kept insisting after I was out cold for over an hour and half in recovery that I WAKE UP.

Dr. P told sweetness they actually only found 2 polyps in there today, not the 3 they thought I had. He showed him all the pictures (which of course I missed :( ). He also cleaned/scraped the entire cavity and Dr. P said that he thinks we will have a GREAT chance of getting pregnant with IVF in 3 weeks! So this was probably a blessing in disguise!
So I have 10 days of BCPs left, and I begin my first injection (Lupron) next Wednesday, and I can't wait. I think once I start all these injections, I will really feel like we are going to do this!

Thank you all for the text messages, emails and phone calls today. Things really could have not gone any better, and I am so thankful for all my wonderful family and friends out there praying for us. Other than some expected cramping, I actually feel pretty good this evening!

I would like to ask you guys to stop by my blogging friend Sarah's site by clicking here. She and her husband are in a very rough patch as they have just gone through their 5th IVF!!! She is pregnant currently, but they think she may have a chemical pregnancy, as her beta numbers are not rising as they should. Please leave her a comment or offer up a prayer to the Lord for their sweet baby inside her, that they want so desperately. This is such an emotional roller coaster. But we know the Lord can do anything, and he can have that beta number triple in time if that is His Will. Praying for you sweet Sarah....

Ending with a Scripture......
"Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart."
-Psalm 37:4

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  1. Thank you so much! We truly appreciate all the prayers and concern!