Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let the IVF journey begin!!!!!

So let's get this party started peeps!!! I have actually been looking forward to giving myself this injection all day! I know, WEIRD!!! So here I am getting ready to do it.......
Getting more nervous.....
All done!!!! It really was not that bad. These are insulin needles used to inject Lupron, they do get bigger from here, but this part, I can totally handle!!!
So that was all my excitement from today! I do definitely feel much better today. Thanks for all the prayers and calls. Tomorrow is the Med teaching class, should be oh so fun!!! Sweetness is not coming with me, he is trying to save up all his vacation for the Egg retrieval and embryo transfer days. But I just hope I am not the only wife there alone :(
My mom came over for dinner with us tonight, and now she and I are downloading all me and Sweetness' finances onto Quicken! Oh so fun! Am I the only one who loathes balancing the checkbook?
Have a great night peeps, and here's to you Lupron!!!! Do your thang!!!

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