Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learning Medicine

So today was so crazy busy for me. But the best part of it was going to the RE for my Medication Teaching Class. I meant to take my camera, but I forgot. Sorry! But we spent 2 hours going over all the medications I will be injecting to mature all my follies for Egg Retrieval Day.

I was surprised to know HOW IMPORTANT it is that you inject the Lupron everyday at the EXACT same time. The nurse said even 15 mins late, they have had women ovulate. And in IVF world, ovulation is BAD. You have to completely cancel the cycle. So you better believe my cell phone alarm is set to go off at all these times so I do not miss a beat. I think when it comes to this stuff, it's good that I am a triple AAA personality type. Helps me stay on top of all this.

And as I hoped, there was another woman in there with out her husband, so I was not alone being a singleton. So the plan is still keep on taking BCPs until the 27th (only 4 left) and keep on injecting Lupron every day. The next big event will be on July 31st, its our baseline ultrasound (US) and consent day. It's also the day we give them all our money :):):) But when we see those sweet little heartbeats on the screen, it will have all been sooooo worth it!

Thanks to you all for the prayers. I can't thank my Liberty family enough. My church rocks! Love you guys. Remember: Pray for twins! Have a super night and will check back in soon.
Ending with Scripture-
"You are God's child, and God will give you the blessing he promised, because you are His child."
-Galatians 4:7


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  2. I found your blog through another blog. :) I hope it's okay I came here. I love finding other Christian women going through infertility.

    I also went through IVF so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!! :)

    Good luck! I'll be following you and praying for you!