Friday, July 24, 2009

A Night at Grandma's

Tonight we went over to Grandma's (my Mom's)..... as you can see from the picture below, the babies were so excited to get there!!!!

And my grandma's dog, Patches, was so happy too!

Well, you might wonder why I took a picture of this tennis ball on the bottom of my grandma's walker??? Well my aunt was trying to cut these slits to put new tennis balls on the legs, when the knife slipped.......and she sliced her hand. So off to the ER, and after a couple of stitches....she was back, but oh the drama! But alas, Nana has new tennis balls on the walker.

Judging from her smile, she was happy.

Sweetness helped my mom cook dinner on the grill and after we ate, we decided to get our last good game of canasta before my Mom has her knee replaced next Tuesday. (There will be more about that later).

Maggie checking out the card game......

Kisses Grandma.........

And after a long hard game, Mom and sweetness kicked me and Nana's butt tonight. They were so humble (see above Picture).

Maggie then let Daddy know she was tired and time to go home...... Thanks for a great night Mom and Nana! I love you guys!
On the IVF front, still status quo, injecting my Lupron as directed. We are getting excited..... please keep praying. Tomorrow sweetness and I are going to my Dad's house for a cookout. They live on the beach and I will take lots of pictures and post them tomorrow night.
I love you guys! Keep the faith!
Ending with a scripture:
For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth. From birth I have relied on you; you brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise you.
I have become like a portent to many, but you are my strong refuge.
-Psalm 71:5-7

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  1. Love the pictures! Looks like a really good time!!