Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What are they doing in there?

Still nothing to report! Sweetness and I are just trusting the Lord that our precious ones are snuggled in inside their mommy and growing. I wanted to know what they are doing at each stage (even before we have our BFP) so I added the little ticker at the left at the top. May 3 rd would be the estimated due date based on the date of my egg harvesting. If we have twins, the due date would be about a month before that in April.
I also added the picture of the embryos to the right side, so I can look at them all the time. My stomach feels tight and a bit heavy, but no more cramping thankfully. Yesterday I went in and they took blood work to check my estrogen level to make sure it is coming back down after all the stimming meds, and it is right where they want it!
Tomorrow night my Dad is coming over to help sweetness replace the vanity in our guest bathroom, I will take pics of the before and after. Should be good times!
Thanks everyone for continuing to pray for us, this waiting is the hardest part!

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  1. Hey Heather, yes of course you may put that video on your blog...girl you don't have to ask me :-) I will let you take anything you want! You just need to go to youtube and find the video. On the right side you will see the word just highlight that code...copy it and then go to your blog and open up a new post box. In the space that you type, you just type what you want it to say...then paste what you copied right there. Then submit and your video should be right there.
    I hope this helps...if you have any trouble...let me know! Praying for those precious embies!