Monday, September 28, 2009

Headed West to Arizona!

Well, last week I went to Arizona for the first time. It was nice if you like dirt, and lots and lots of cacti and palm trees. Everybody talks about how it's a "dry heat," well I am just here to say dry or not, it was HOT out there!
So I have a few pics for you! Let's begin shall we?
This is my company's new logo....they had some awesome graphics I must say.
These were some cowskulls, actually chocolate covered strawberries, that they served us during one of our breaks. I thought they were really neat, so hence I took a picture!!!
On Thursday night, they threw a party for all the sales reps, and here are some of those! They had a hand-rolled cigar stand there. Not my thing, but it sure was a hit with my co-workers!

They had a really awesome band, and later in the evening it turned into a karoke party. This is a pic of my co-worker Bethany belting out "I will Survive."
These are members of my district, Beth Ann and Bethany.
They had these cool lighted seats. They also had some bubble light up seats out on the lawn in front of the band. Pretty cool.
My buds Jill and Justin.
These are more co-workers chattin' it up!
This is my fearless leader, or should I say boss Dave.
Now let's take a look around the beautiful resort we were staying at, shall we? This is the view outside of my door, just one of the many pools they had there.
And this cracked me up, as I have never seen it before. The air is so dry out there, that they have built in "spritzers" at the outside sports bar. Can you see it spraying out?
This is a beautiful fire and water display in the main courtyard.
Just beautiful plants with the main fountain.
And the last pictures are of some lovely scenery around Arizona.

I had a real nice time, but I really missed my husband! It is so nice to be home and with him. We have run non-stop since I got home. My grandmother is very ill and in the hospital. So we have been up at the hospital quite a bit, but life is very good I must say.
No word on when we will do the FET, just waiting on God's timing! See ya soon!

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