Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our new furniture!

Well once again, blogger is loading pictures so weird. It will NOT let me type above or below the pics! The above pictures are our awesome new furniture as promised in our last post. We rearranged our living room, and dining room as shown in the first two pictures. We LOVE this new furniture, and most importantly it does not hurt my NECK!!!!

We are very blessed, and are so thankful for family and friends that helped us move it all! Hope you enjoy them. I am not to sure about the pillows that came with them. I think I am going to get some light blue chenille pillows. What do ya'll think???


  1. i have to say the new furniture is a whole lot better than the others. the old furniture was high quality, but the new stuff is so much better.
    as my babe said, much thanks to those helping us move it in. there were some GREAT ideas that really opened up the livng and dining rooms.

  2. I say keep them and "add" a couple of the light blue chenile....maybe some smaller ones, or even the little "tootsie roll" pillows somewhere. Love the furniture. We did this last year....and I'm still loving it. I love having our double reclining loveseat and the two hidden recliners in the couch....."Happy New Furniture" to you!