Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Sweet little Triplets

Hey girls! I am back! Thanks to my Sweetness for blogging on Thursday night to let you guys know how it all went. And now I am here with ALL the details and the pictures he promised.

So we pulled in Thursday morning bright and early to the New Hope Center. We were certainly full of that...... HOPE!
We had a few moments and prayers together and then we headed on in to get our babies!!!!
Finally after what seemed like forever, we were called back. I decided to wear my special Clemson made Sweetness happy! :)
Here is my babe all ready to watch all the excitement. Then as we sat there longer and longer waiting and waiting, he started to get silly.
This is when he decided he needed to pull the cap down over his eyebrows! Don't ask me.....maybe just nervous energy! But he was making me laugh and keeping me very calm!
Then they told me to go ahead and take my Valium, and then I knew we were on the way! It wouldn't be long then!
Then the embryologist came in and talked to us about our sweet little ones. As Sweetness told you on the last post, God answered our biggest prayer, that they would ALL survive the thawing. And they did!!!! Thank you Lord! We just wanted ALL of them to have an equal shot at life. She then told us that the one that is marked a 5B- was just as viable as the others. That precious one had already been dividing since they thawed them out on Wednesday! The grayish/black areas you can see inside the embryos are cells that did not survive, but they said not to worry, they all looked very good! Let's have a look at them shall we?

Are they not just precious? I must say, I follow all these IVF/infertility blogs and when you guys post pics of your embryos, they look much different than mine do. I don't know if that is good or bad, just an observation. All 3 of them were "hatched" with AZH to increase the chances of getting pregnant. We told Dr. Robin that we hope all 3 implant and we can take them home as live, healthy babies...... she told us that there is less than 5% chance of that happening. Well my God is powerful, and He is the author of life, and we believe that we could be in that 5% chance.
And of course the transfer was the biggest concern for Dr. Robin, as last time it was most likely the cause of the failed cycle. Well God answered more prayers again, making this the smoothest transfer ever! The catheter went RIGHT in, no problem, and it took less than 5 minutes. She told us to watch on the screen, on the count of three, and then poof there they were!!!!
You may have to click on the picture to see it larger, but those three white dots are my little frosties!!! Actually the embryos are microscopic, what you see is the drop of culture media that they are suspended in. Everything looked great and went just perfect!
So here we are 3 days in to the dreaded 2 week wait. I feel really good emotionally. I "FEEL" like it is working. I am having some cramping which everyone says is normal. I have been laying around for 3 days and today finally got out with sweetness and did a little shopping. The worst part of all of this is the heparin injections. These injections are every 12 hours, and they burn like crazy! My stomach looks soooo bad! I mean heparin is thinning my blood so at each injection site on my stomach the blood pools around it, and my stomach looks like it has been so beat up! Then the progesterone shots that Sweetness gives me each evening in my hip are sooooo much fun. Last night was a highlight......I always prepare the meds in the syringe. Well the Progesterone in Oil shots, you use a very large 18 gauge needle to draw it up because it is so thick. Then you are suppose to change the needle to a smaller gauge for injection in the muscle. Well let's just say I forgot to change the needle last night and he stuck that humongous needle in me!!!! it was totally my fault but Holy Cow!!!! I will never make that mistake again!
All this will be worth it. We know that fully, it is just very taxing on your body. I have made a deal with my Sweetness that I will not POAS before Dec 3rd. We have our beta test that day, and we will POAS together that morning to know what to expect. I am going to stay positive and trust in the Lord, His promises, His Perfect Plan for our life, and rest in His arms as we wait for the best news of our life!
If this does not work, and this is not God's timing, we are done. We have no more money for IVF, and unless God intervenes we will make a happy life just the two of us. I don't want to let myself go there, but if I don't maintain the possibility that it could happen, I will be even more disheartened if it does not go our way.
Please, please, PLEASE continue to pray for our little triplets. That God would protect them, and that they would grow healthy and strong, and most of all for HIS will to be done! Until next time......
Ending with a Scripture-
"For this child I have prayed, and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of Him."
-1 Samuel 1:27


  1. Yes, i stuck my babe with a HUGE needle. Needless to say, i wasnt feeling to happy about it since she is having such a diffficult time with it. But we are staying positive and thanking God for this great gift. We're also asking all of our family and friends to pray for us in this chapter of our lives.

  2. Thinking of you guys and praying so hard for you. Your babies look beautiful!