Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well I did not make my resolution to not POAS before the beta test. Hubby was with me this morning when I did it, and of course it's BFN. I am 6dp3dt so it may be too early just yet, but other blogs have positive tests starting 6dpt. I am so bummed, I am so heartbroken. I feel like I keep making deals with God, if He would just let this be. But how ridiculous is that?

We are headed to my parents tonight for a few days for the Holiday. But I already have the feeling I know how this one will turn out too. Why does this suck so bad?


  1. I totally is so hard. I pray that it gets easier for you VERY soon! I am doing good...nauseous and erpy but thankful for it! Try to relax and enjoy the holidays! Again, every woman is different...just wait!

  2. Oh honey. I am praying that it is just too early. Please keep us posted. I hope you had a somewhat nice Thanksgiving. Thinking of your and praying for you guys.


  3. I'm hoping it was just too early... you are in my thoughts!!!!!1