Saturday, January 9, 2010

My heart is hurting for some friends today.......

Yes girls, I am still here. I can not tell you how busy I have been! This new job is keeping me hopping even when I am not in class teaching, I am studying and preparing for the next class. I mean I told Sweetness the other day that I feel like I have gone back to school. Really.......I am studying as hard as when I was in school myself! But I am so very thankful for this opportunity and the Lord blessing me with a job in this economy when so many people are out of work.

Soooooooo, next weekend on Jan 17th, Sweetness and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary! I can not believe how fast this year has gone by, but I have been so happy with him that I guess time flies when you are having fun! So being the sweet incredible man that he is, he booked us a weekend get a way to a beautiful bed and breakfast in the Outer Banks in North Carlina. We are both taking next Friday off and heading on out! This week he came home and surprised me by telling me he also booked a couple's massage for 3pm on Saturday! Wooo Hoo! He is just so wonderful!

In other news, my dog Maggie is real sick. After $400 at the vet on Thursday they have determined she has a kidney stone that is lodged in her kidney. Her kidney function is not great, but not enough that they need to intervene. So she is loaded up on pain meds and we are hoping she passes it soon. Poor Baby!

And in the infertility world, we are just taking it day by day. We are still trying naturally of course, but I am trying not to make it the focus of our life right now, and just enjoy being with my best friend. We need an emotional break from it for awhile.

But I follow so many blogs of infertility and most of my blogger friends have gotten pregnant. Well this week has been filled with unspeakable sadness for two of them. My blogger friend Jackie lost her baby at 11 weeks, and having a D & C on Wednesday. And my other friend Jeanna was pregnant with identical twins, went in on Thursday to find out the genders and there were no heartbeats. She was 19 weeks 3 days! My heart aches for these ladies, especially Jeanna as she is currently in the hospital, with her labor being induced to deliver her angel babies. I ask that my praying friends that read this, remember them and their husbands in this terribly difficult time. I always remember the verse in the Bible where it the psalmist says that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. Lord Jesus, I pray you bring healing and peace to these very broken hearts today!

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