Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still incredibly late!

Well I just STILL have not started!!!! I am about 11 days late now and AF is still no where in sight. I called the clinic on Friday and they said to give it another week until net Friday and if I have still not started, then I will have to come in and get a blood preg test so they can give me Provera. You take Provera for like 5 days and then it causes you to bleed afterwards.

The nurse Wendy thinks that because I want to get a new treatment underway, that my body is just not cooperating. Soooooooo needless to say we are still waiting.......

On another note, I was offered a full-time position with a very nice salary at my current job as a college professor. I have to let them know on Monday if I accept it, but I am going to. We feel so blessed by this in such a terrible economy.

Also, I have been "toying" with the idea of going back to school to get my RN degree at the school where I teach. The reasons I am thinking of this are multi-fold, but the most important one is job security for the future, you can get a job as a nurse ANYWHERE. And the more I teach these students, the more I think I would really like it. Not to mention I would get an 80% tuition grant if I remain employed while going to school. And there in lies the problem. We just can not afford for me to not work, so I don't know how I could feasibly really work 40+ hrs per week and go through a very accelerated RN prgm. I could be finished in 12 months, but just so much to think about!!!! So we are in much prayer of this decision and would appreciate my peeps praying with us. I will let you know when we make a decision.

I think it would be pretty weird to have a PhD going back to school to get my RN degree but honestly having a PhD is not so great in this economy!!! You are so boxed in as to what you can do.

I will update again once I know when we will start the Clo.mid. Talk soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

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