Friday, March 12, 2010

You know it is always the same result....

So tonight, I went out with 14 girl friends for a ladies night out, and it was a welcome end to a VERY long week. Sweetness and I are still anxiously awaiting beginning our first OI with IUI this next cycle. Well I am 3 days late, and of course I have been thinking this COULD be "it". But I never get my hopes up.

So after getting home from dinner, I almost begrudgingly took a HPT, and of course it's negative. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get to celebrate and not ache. But I quietly just came back into the living room and sat down with my sweet husband and said nothing.

So of course when I want AF to come, she won't, when you dread it and feel like this may be THE month, AF shows up early. I don't mean to sound depressed, because actually I don't think I am, just frustrated at the continual roller coaster. I am ready to get off now......

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