Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Clinic and lots of Hope

Sorry to keep you all waiting after my visit yesterday. But it actually went very well.

I met with the new doctor at my new clinic and of course already had all my records, testing and all that fun stuff. He talked to me for a long while about what I have had done and what he would like to do next.

So we decided that we are going to do 3-4 months of and IUI together. We have never done this, we just skipped on ahead to IVF, mainly because we thought we had a better chance and pooled our limited funds to that. But this clinic is significantly cheaper than my old place. It is going to cost a total of $535 for one round of Clomid with US and IUI, compared to $1625 at my old clinic, that's why we never tried this way, because we thought it would take thousands to do this.

So as soon as my cycle starts which should be in about 4 days, I will call the clinic and then take the for days 5-9, then US on day 13, trigger ovulation that or the next day, and then IUI the next day. Then wait 2 wks to see if we conceived. He said we are more than welcome to do IVF after we try the induction, if it does not work.

I left there felling so hopeful!!! I mean we can afford this right now, and it feels like I am "doing" something. I know the Lord is in ultimate control but this feels very exciting again. Thank you for your prayers as we undertake more fertility treatments, but these cycles will be much less costly, and invasive. When we did the postcoiltal test at my old clinic, it was inconclusive, so maybe we do have a sperm-mucous problem, and by "air-lifting" the sperm to the top of the uterus, it will overcome that.

So to celebrate our new found hope, we went to eat and while we were waiting for our movie to start, we walked through the mall. Sweetness pulled me in to the Bu.ild-A-Bear store. I have never been in there before, but oh how fun!!!

We built each other a puppy dog, and Sweetness said he wants me to hold this puppy while undergoing all these fertility treatments, and we named it "Hope". He is just so sweet! We had so much fun, almost felt like we were being kids!!!

Then we went and saw the movie celled "Valentine's Day" and boy was it great!!!! Definitely recommend it. We had such a wonderful day from start to finish and I could not ask for more!

I will definitely keep you updated as we progress through these IUI cycles!!!
To God be the Glory!!!


  1. I am praying and standing in great HOPE with you!

    Love you!

  2. Everything sounds so great! I know you have FAITH and such a renewed sense of HOPE!

  3. I will definitely be following your story! I am about 2 days ahead of you going thru the exact same thing at a new clinic for the 1st time! Only, I am taking femara and injectibles, and doing IUI. I will be praying for you!