Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let the games begin again!

I know I have not blogged in awhile, just been so BUSY of course.....blah blah blah.....

But I had some news I wanted to share. This past weekend, Sweetness and I went on a double date with a friend of mine and her husband. I met her because she is the nurse of one of my top doctors with my old job. Well we of course got around to talking about IVF and how bad this whole situation sucks and how we are looking forward to what comes next.

Well she proceeds to text the doctor she works for because his wife (Lisa) is one of the head nurses at the other infertility clinic in our area, the Jones Institute. This is where IVF was INVENTED, they are the ones who made the first test tube baby! Well Dr. E texted my friend his wife's cell number and told me to call her. So yesterday, I gave her a call and we talked about what all we have been through and what they may think is the next step for us to having a baby.
Well let's just say it helps TO KNOW PEOPLE!!!! So they called today and Lisa was able to hook me up and got me a consultation with the top doctor there this Friday at 1030 am!!! I would be lying if I said I was not excited. I am SUPER excited, I guess just to hear what somebody else has to say about our situation.

One other thing is that at this clinic, they have what is called a "Shared Risk Program" If you meet certain criteria, you can pay a sum for a chance of 2 or 4 tries with IVF, but the catch is if you get pregnant on the first try, then you have paid way more money than needed, but if you need several tries to get pregnant, (like obviously I will), you are assured of the other tries all under that one fee. So we are going to look into this for sure.

I am really looking forward to moving this along, and certainly will let you guys know what he says on Friday!!! Please pray that the Lord's will would be done and what He has for us would be revealed to us and God will make a way if it is HIS will!!!!

Thanks guys!!!


  1. That is WONDERFUL!!!! Can't wait to hear about your appointment.

  2. Good Luck Friday!! I think it is a great news and hopefully you will get all good news!!! NC GAL