Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've been sperminated !!

So yesterday we had our first IUI. It was pretty uneventful, after they did it, I layed there for 15 minutes and then we went home. So I start the Prometrium tomorrow, my least favorite part of all of this.....

They said I could test on April 22, and know if it worked. So I am sure this 2WW will be so exciting!!! If it does not work, we will move forward with IVF again.

Other than that news, not much is happening on our end. I am having problems with this woman at work who is truly mentally unstable, and she is so dramatic, full out tears and all if she does not get her way....... and I am really quite over it! The joys of the workplace. So that keeps me pretty occupied during the day and I am also training a new instructor to teach Microbiology, so I am real busy. Maybe this will be a nice distraction while we wait.

Thank you all for the text messages yesterday, and certainly for the prayers. We felt them all!!!

Love to you all......

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