Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey ya'll!! Well I finally have some GREAT news to share with you guys. No it's not a BFP, but something to definitely get us to the day when we can say we are pregnant!!!!

So I don't know if you guys remember a while back I talked about a "Shared Risk" program that we were hoping to be a part of, the link is here. With this program you can cycle for 2 rounds of IVF (2 fresh and 2 frozen cycles) all for one lump sum. It includes almost everything except the ICSI and injectible medications that I will have to buy. It is much more financially sound than how we did it in the past. At our previous clinic, they do not have a shared risk program and we paid about $20,000 to do ONE fresh and one frozen cycle of IVF. With this program, we can do 4 cycles as mentioned above for $25,000. I know it is a TON of money, but nothing seems to great right now to be able to start our family.

Well to be in this shared risk program, you have to meet a whole checklist of criteria, some of which I was afraid I would not make it. Two doctors in the practice have to approve you to be in the program. And over the age of 35 they do not really allow you to participate, and I have 9 months until I am 35, so my clock is definitely ticking!

Well today, at 2 pm I received a call from the Jones' Institute stating that we have FINALLY been approved into the program!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, I felt like jumping out of my skin! So we are still in our 2WW right now to see if we conceived from the IUI on Tuesday, but if we did not, we now feel like we have a plan to get us to home base!!!

One more awesome thing about this program is that if you do not achieve a pregnancy in these 4 tries, AND carry a baby to 28 weeks gestation(viable baby) then they will either refund you 1/2 of the total cost, or you can have one more fresh and frozen IVF cycle! So either way after this we should be in better shape than we are now (with no baby and out ALL THAT MONEY).

We are so excite and hopeful. My boss said today that I have his support to go ahead with this. So now we have to work on getting our funding together, and wait for April 22, to see if the IUI worked. I feel so much HOPE right now!

Thank you for all the continued prayers as we prepare to embark on a very long journey, many many months again of painstaking medical procedures and injections...... but I live for the day when I FINALLY can hold MY sweet baby(ies) in my arms, and then all of this would be a small sacrifice! I will keep you updated!


  1. WOW!!!!...That is awesome...what an answer to prayer!!!!...So happy for you and Sean...Love you all...Kate

  2. I so am excited for you guys!

    Can't wait to hear an update!