Friday, August 6, 2010


Well as I sit here with my heart breaking, I am wondering why this is not going smoothly???

I started bleeding about an hour ago. Yep, that elusive period that I have not had, has decided to show up after 5 days of stimming meds. This is like unheard of!!!! So I called the clinic and had the doc on call paged, she calls me back and I basically told her I want to be seen at the office tomorrow. She has me coming in at 10:30am, so we will see. But obviously my body is so messed up that it is having a cycle in the middle of stimming.

We will probably regroup and start all over. But seriously, I am not happy with my care at this clinic. I LOOOOVE my old RE, but she is 3x as expensive as this clinic. I am so torn, but I will be having a conversation with my RE tomorrow. I just paid you $20 000, I want to be treated like I AM somebody. Stop brushing off my concerns as just chatter messing up your plan. I know my body, I also have a doctorate in medicine, so I know what I am talking about.

The weird thing is that at dinner tonight I said to Sweetness you watch I feel like I am going to start bleeding. And sure enough, my body goes awry!!! The doc on call said "well you are just throwing us all for a loop" and I responded, "That's why I am there, my body is abnormal in cycling, you guys should have never let this happen."

So tomorrow we will see what they say, I am sure we will regroup and begin anew next month or so, but gosh this is so frustrating. I posted on my status "Sometimes when God presses you into the depths of grief, He wants you to worship Him there. Lord Jesus, please heal this aching in our hearts!"

I will update more when I know something! I covet your prayers......


  1. OK, Heather, I'm sorry, but all I can say is darn! That's not what I really said, but better not put on this what I really said. I am so sorry. Girl, my daughter went thru this, and finally gave up as it is just too expensive, and she's 42. Will be 43 in November. She had a daughter by her first husband, but wanted so badly to give her 2nd hustand who had never been married and has no children a child, but
    he accepts Holly's daughter as his. But I really never prayed for her like I have you, as I've never known anyone who has no children to want one like you and your husband do. I remember bleeding with my last child (my precious daughter) and I thought I had lost her, but she's 42! So maybe you'll get good news tomorrow. I just pray so. You and your husband NEED a child, Lord! Praying earnestly for you, girl! I love you. marion

  2. Oh sweetie....not what I wanted to read. :( I hope you get good news. Thinking and praying for you! (((HUGS)))