Monday, August 2, 2010

Our New Bedroom!!!

Sooooo as you know Friday night was not good for me. The news of maybe canceling this cycle hit me pretty hard, so in true fashion, Sweetness decided to try to cheer me up. We decided to make a road trip on Saturday and head to the outlet malls in Williamsburg! I was so excited!

So we got up and at 'em early, and headed on to the interstate, when we both had the idea to get off at the exit 2 up from our house, and go check in that furniture store that we visited last weekend where they are getting rid of everything. We wanted to see if this bedroom suit we loved had been marked down anymore?

Well guess what??? It was!!!! And they were wheeling and dealing and we got an amazing deal on a brand new king mattress set also, since we upgraded from a queen to a king! We were thrilled!!! And to top it off, they delivered it for free on Saturday evening, they needed to get it out of their store! So we hurried to Macy's and bought a beautiful comforter set, and some king sheets and king pillows....... then ran home to disassemble our current bedroom! Weeeewwwww, we were exhausted!

Then they finally arrived and set it all up!!! That king bed is HUGE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

So here are some pictures......

This is the new bed, and new mattresses. We just love the comforter set. At Macy's we got the 24-piece set (with curtains and all) at 50% off!!! We were hittin' some deals this weekend!!! We also got this nightstand at Target on Saturday and it looks great with the set!
And this is the dresser and mirror. Do you see the wood designs on the front? It is on the top of the dresser also! We chose to have "crosses" as our theme. The cross to the right of the mirror I gave to Sweetness when he became a Christan in December of 2007. We were just friends then, and I wrote something beautiful on the back to him. It was nice to pull it out of the closet and re-read it again after some time, and what's more, to now have it hanging in our home and being able to see what it represents- How faithful our LORD is!

Then, we took down all the decorations I had on the walls, there were frames with pictures in it etc. Just definitely time for a change! So after church yesterday, we headed to Gard.en Ri.dge, a store here that really carries everything you could want to decorate your home! I selected these to put over the bed, and I think it turned out really nice!
Then, for the one BIG wall in the bedroom, we found this awesome picture that matches the comforter pretty well!!! And I added these candle sconces on either side! I thought it turned out really classy and elegant, just like I envisioned!
Well that is all for the bedroom tour! We have slept in it for 2 nights now, and I am very pleased with the mattresses. I have a terrible neck and back and I have not ached at all when I woke up each morning!!
I will update as soon as I know about whether we move on this cycle or stop and start over! Thanks again for the prayers and comments on my last post from Friday night! It means a lot to know so many are praying and interceding on our behalf!

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