Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Update

Well I went to the clinic this morning as instructed. As I was driving there, I prayed out loud and asked the Lord to do a miracle in my uterus, that cant really be explained, and if He wanted this cycle to move forward or to stop to please give me the grace to handle it and to just TRUST HIM!!!!

Well, surprisingly we are not cancelling as of this hour! My lining "miraculously" went DOWN from 9mm on Friday to 6mm today!!!! WHAT???!!! That's right, my lining went down in size WITHOUT having a period this weekend. I really am shocked. So the doctor (yet another one I had never seen before) said all 3 docs would meet at 1pm today and decide based on my lab work from this morning. But basically she indicated that if my estrog.en and pro.gesterone levels were still low where they should be, we COULD start stimming tonight.

I am trying not to get overly excited, because I know that devastation on Friday night was not somewhere I want to go again! I am embarrassed by how I acted, really. No one saw but me and the Lord, but this whole thing tries your faith so much, and I wonder what my faith is really made of? I guess I am really finding out right?!

Well I will update tonight with the final decision, and we will take it from there! Thanks for all the prayers.

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