Thursday, March 3, 2011

i did it...

I POAS this afternoon and nothing. Sweetness says it too early, but "here we go again" is all I can think. Lord Please don't let me have to endure this again. Why??????
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  1. Definately seems too early. Aren't you only 4 days out from the transfer? Besides, if you're testing this early, its best to do a "first pee of the morning" test when your urine is most concentrated.
    Will keep sending baby dust your way!!! I have a good feeling about this cycle for you!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. First pee of the morning is always much more concentrated. Plus even those tests that you can get are only accurate for early testing up to a certain percentage right?? Don't give up hope yet!!

  3. too early sweetie but I know it's so hard not to be discouraged. Thinking of you ((HUGS))