Friday, August 12, 2011

Our prayers have been heard!!!

Thank you to all my sweet friend to have read my last blog post and have called and texted my phone to tell me that you are praying for us. Well our prayers have been answered it seems I got a text message from birth mom and she says she's ready to come we're currently on the road to pennsylvania to go get her. Hallelujah I am so happy right now I know this is only 1 step in the battle but it's a big step just getting her here to virginia. Please continue to cover us in prayer this weekend for traveling mercies as well is things going smoothly when we pick her up I will update you all on sunday night again. Please excuse punctuation and or grammatical errors as I am doing this on my phone in the car!!
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  1. Great. :) Praying for safe travels, a safe baby, a lot of patience, and love.