Monday, June 11, 2012

35 weeks old already!!!!!

It's Monday, so you know what that means.... yep Baby girl is another whole week older.  The weeks just won't stop coming!!!  But man she is at such a cute age right now.  She is getting SO LONG all her clothes are getting too short too quick!!!!
When we went to the neurologist last week, they measured her length, and she was in the 99th percentile for height!!!  What???  She was such a tiny little munchin for the first 2 months, but she has definitely caught up quick!!  Her head was perfect and her weight was a pound under where she should be, so basically she is what every woman wants to be, tall and skinny!!! LOL  Let's see if she stays that way!
We had a fun weekend this past weekend.  Sweetness' birthday was Saturday and we went to the Aquarium and then out to dinner with the whole family and because it was time for her to go night night, we all headed back to our place for cake and ice cream.
This upcoming weekend is the Va Beach Boardwalk Arts and Crafts Show.  We love that weekend when all these vendors from all over the country come and display their unique art in these tents on the boardwalk and it takes hours just to walk through them all.  Should be a fun day for sure!!!
But other than that- we just work all week and the days go by so quickly, and then the weekends are spent trying to love up on this little girl as much as possible.  She is sooo fun right now.  She will sit up and play with me on the floor, and boy does she absolutely love her bath time.  She never wants to get out!!!
She loves to stay in there and splash and splash!!!  I will have to take some pics of her in there next time I think about it!

And I always wanted to catch a shot like the one below because I think she has the most beautiful eye lashes and this picture is just perfect!!!  I might get this one blown up it looks so pretty with her headband of felt flowers our friend made for us!
Other than that, everything is same ole same ole, and that's how we like it.  Boring and drama free....  I hope this week is a wonderful week for all of you who read our blog, and I will be getting ready to celebrate Sweetness' First Father's Day!!!  Yeah!!!  Chloe loves her Daddy.... more on that next week  Stay tuned!

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