Friday, June 8, 2012

Genetic test results are in.....

Well yesterday afternoon, Baby girl and I went back to her Pediatric neurologist to discuss the genetic testing results, as well as get her check up on her progress and development. 
Even though I thought I had prepared myself to hear the news, no one EVER wants to hear that your child has a genetic disease that could potentially and probably will cause her harm and pain in the future.  But as we suspected, the diagnosis of Neurofibramatosis-1 has now been confirmed genetically. 
Chloe has the most common genetic mutation, a misspliced exon (all my scientist friends will understand) at chromosome 13 that leaves her without a vital tumor suppressor protein most people have.  Therefore it is very likely she will grow tumors and such in her body and the severity of it depends on where they grow, how big and other factors.
With all of that said, I will say that I am in good spirits.  I held her and offered prayers for her to Jehovah Jireh- My Provider.  I know The Lord has blessed us with this incredible, beautiful, perfect baby girl after begging the Lord for a child.  He knew exactly what He was doing, and He was not surprised yesterday.  Chloe is His perfect amazing creation, and we will love her and support her no matter what.
So to all of our prayer warriors and friends we are asking for continued intercession on her behalf, that the Lord would HEAL her completely!!!  He can and I am trusting Him to keep her safe.
I will move heaven and Earth to get her the best possible care if it is needed, but we are relying on our heavenly father, who is in control of all things, to protect her and let her grow up healthy and happy.
Thank you again for all your prayers, comments and support.  We will be just fine- I know who hold our tomorrows!!!  Love you all---


  1. I know i never comment but know that I am praying for ur sweet girl daily and for your strength...

  2. Praying for your sweet miracle. God has this. He will take care of her. Hugs