Monday, June 25, 2012

One year ago today........

The beauty of this blog is that it marks things down for me that I may have otherwise forgotten the EXACT date of. This being one of those moments that I am so glad I am able to look back on today and be so incredibly thankful for how far we have come !!

You see one year ago today we received the call from our nephew saying that he wanted us to adopt his unborn daughter. We were floored!!!! We were humbled, excited, scared, and a million other things!!! Could this be our baby???? Could this really be it? We asked each other a million times could this really work ????

The next 4 and 1/2 months were the most hectic and nerve wracking roller coaster ride I have ever been on, and one I do not ever care to take again. It was all painfully documented here how we never knew from one moment to the next what was going to happen, and I had my heart ripped out of me more than once in this process. But we kept on trusting the Lord, that He had brought this young lady and this baby into our lives for a reason.

But it did all work out and ultimately led to our amazing perfect miracle baby asleep in her crib in the next room! We have indeed come sooooo far, I almost forgot the emotionally fragile state I was in last June. I was at my rock bottom, I was beginning yet one last feeble attempt I get my eggs to try to do a surrogacy that we had NO Idea how we were going to pay for it, and it was all just swirling in my head!

But when this call came and we began to talk to Chloe's birth mom L, the more PERFECT this whole situation sounded. We began to get an incredible wave of peace flood over us She was our family, she could stay in her genetic family and be raised by two people who wanted her more than anything!!

And finally on October 16th at 6:42pm our miracle was born and placed in my arms..... She was finally here!!! And she was MY baby.... The one we had prayed for for soooooo many many years. And that began a whole new amazing life for us that we are so grateful for!!!!

Thank you all again for the love and prayers you offered to Sweetness and I as our hearts ached and longed for this happy ending.

Through this entire infertility journey I have always remembered my favorite quote from Dr. Jerry Falwell, one of my heroes, "When you are in the valley and you are crying out to God to deliver you from the circumstances and you feel left in your "storm"; if you cannot see God's hand at work, you can ALWAYS trust His heart."

How very true it is that He sees each tear we cry and He only wants what's best for us. And honestly, He knew that this was the child we were meant to have. We just had to wait on His perfect timing to receive the gift.

And dare I say this out loud or to anyone else except my Sweetness, we have begun to boldly pray that He would bless us with another gift. Whether it be through adoption again or the miracle of opening my womb, we are trusting that He knows best and He will expand our family according to His will and purpose. But if He chooses not to give us another child, we will be perfectly and insanely happy with the most beautiful baby girl on the planet, how could we ask for more???

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