Friday, July 13, 2012

Operation Hope Baby Play Date!!!!

My infertility journey was made more bearable by an amazing group of women that make up our Operation Hope group.  All of these women are dealing with some form of infertility and difficulty conceiving, some have been waiting many many years to adopt or save enough money to IVF, others are new and just seeing what info is out there, but we pride ourselves that we have such a wonderfully active a big group of women to share our joys and our lows with on this very uncertain roller coaster to motherhood.

In the 2 years since I have been part of this incredible group, we have had numerous success stories of babies conceived, born and adopted. Once you conceive, you must move to the "Mom" group once youare 12 weeks, so we don't get to see each other once you "cross-over" to the other group a whole lot.
So for this month's meeting, this past Tuesday evening, we decided to bring back together all of us, pregnant or not, and mommies with those hoping to be mommies soon!!!  And we had one great time!!! And of course I had my ever trusty camera out!!!

Every one was having such a great time catching up, and holding each other's miracles!!!
This cutie pie is Baylor, he is the beautiful baby born our past leader Michelle and her hubby.  He is almost 7 months now and so fun!!!  He loves to go camping with his Mommy and Daddy!
This little princess is Madeline, born to Ginna and her hubby Torey.  She was a successful IVF baby and true miracle.  She has casts on her little legs as she was born with bilateral clubbed feet, but the advancements in treating this have come such a long ways that she should have no lasting effects from this as a child, and will walk normally!!!  Praise the Lord!  She is 3 months old and sooooo sweet!!!  :)
And then the little but older crowd is on the floor, scooching away, as no one can crawl just yet!!!  In the front is my princess Chloe playing with her new friends Alexander and Anderson.
I just love this shot of Anderson, most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen, and a smile that even captured Chloe's heart!!!
Here they are sitting and chatting about how hard of a day they have had!!!  :)
Here is the beautiful Ginna wither miracle Madeline!!!
This cutie is Trey, and he is almost 3 months old as well, born to our sweet Paula!!!
This is beautiful Rhonda, with her two little men, Anderson and Alexander...... these guys are fraternal twins from a very successful IVF, and she is one killer momma!!!  She keeps up with these two precious boys all day and she works the weekends as a neonatal nurse practitioner at our local children;s hospital. We consult her for medical advice often and she is just so wonderful to help all of us newbies out!!!
One of my favorite pictures of her little guys...... they are almost 7 months old and trying hard to crawl!!!
Here is Chloe playing with our new leader Jen's hair.  Jen is still waiting on her miracle, but she has the biggest heart!!!  She loves all of us, and keeps up with who is having what procedure when and who's due date is soon and who is in their 2 ww, and just serves with such a beautiful heart.  We can't wait to see the miracle the Lord will perform in the life of Jen and her hubby!!!
We decided to do a group shot of all the mommies that were there with their miracles.  I should note two very special people were not able to make it that night!!!  Tina and her precious Lily, almost 2 months old and Molly and her miracle Gracie almost 2 months as well were not able to be with us and we sure did miss them!!!
And this is a picture of all the expecting ladies of our group!!!!  We rejoice with them as they patiently await the birth of their miracle babies!!!  Two of these ladies are pregnant with twins!!!  and they range from 7 weeks to 23 weeks in this picture!!!
And then one last group shot of almost everyone that was there- I think 2 people had already left but we caught almost everyone in the pic.  I can not emphasize enough how wonderful it is to be a part of such an amazing group of women who love on and pray with each other.  I would have gone insane I think with out the support of these precious women, and you can see how many successes we have had and continue to have through the power of lifting one another up and sharing in their burdens!!  If you are local and are struggling to conceive and would like information on how to join up with our group, please contact me and let me know!!!  So So SOOOOOO thankful for all of you!!!!

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