Monday, July 16, 2012

40 weeks old!!!!

So yesterday was the big 4-0, not for me thankfully, but Chloe turned 40 weeks old!!!  Wow- that 52 week mark (1 yr) is inching ever closer!!!
 She truly is the happiest kid around, and she is changing so much each and every day!!!
 She claps at almost everything- which is so cute!!  And she is now really hamming it up for the camera!!  Anytime I ask her to smile she squeezes her eyes shut and throws her head back in a total cheese ball grin- sooooo cute!!
 Today was a really big day for my princess!!  She started at her new nursery school today.  She had a difficult time which I was expecting.  She cried a lot they said, she would look them in the face they said and just start whaling.  It breaks my heart to think of my boo boo crying out like that- but I know it will get easier. She will become attached to them and hopefully make so many new friends there.
 But when Sweetness picked her up tonight he said she was so ready for him to take her home.  She didn't last 30 mins tonight and is asleep for the night.  She didn't get much sleep at all there- probably because of the noise, but she was plum exhausted. 
 But I think after this first week she is gonna be okay and get into a routine again.  I love it because she is so close to my work and I can pop in whenever I want (or need) to see her!!!
 Yesterday we decided to transition to Size 3 Pampers.  She still fits in Size 2 comfortably, but I didn't want to get stuck with a huge box of Size 2 and then they are really too small, so we are in size 3 diapers now.  She has cut her top two front teeth as you can see from this pic below.  They both came in at the same time so no wonder she was so cranky last week!!

 She is venturing in to 9 month clothes almost exclusively now, and I am happy about that because now she can wear some of the really cute stuff in her closet but only in bigger sizes!!  I had Sweetness stand her up to get this whole outfit.  One because it is soooo cute with the contrasting patterns and two, because I remember my Momma making me these little swing tops that cross over in the back.  Oh to not have to be wearing a bra on these tortuous summer days and could wear these cute little outfits the babies can!!!
 And I just love the ruffle butt!!!  SO cute!!
This past Saturday, I took Chloe over to my grandmother's house to visit her.  This is my dad's mother.  Its a long and difficult story but I have never been especially close to this side of the family mainly because they disowned my dad and therefore I was his child and they never really embraced any of his children.  But I have made the effort to visit them many different times over the years and there would be time periods where I would visit regularly, and then they would do or say something that was so hurtful and I would distance myself again.  Well my grandfather (Dad's dad) passed away a year ago and things have been quite different over there when the patriarch dies.  I actually think is MUCH better.  He was very controlling and demanding and it seems to be more free now.
Anyway, my grandmother had lung cancer about 2 years ago or so and they thought she had beat it, but 2 weeks ago she felt unwell and they found tumors in her brain, where the lung cancer has now spread to the brain.  So i took Chloe up to the hospital to see her last week, ad that was the first time they have ever met Chloe or my husband.  It was a nice visit and they of course fell in love with Chloe.  Then day before yesterday we went over to their house and took Chloe again and she was a hit again.  It was nice to see some of that side of my family again, and my grandma looks very frail and weak.
So I mention all this to ask for prayers for her as she battles this evil cancer that most likely will claim her life and probably soon.  I don't know what her time frame is but I know it doesn't look good.  I also pray that many relationships can be restored and healed between many people in that family- because there is just so much dysfunction that is why I have stayed away for so long.  But you don't get to pick who your family is and I'm commanded by the Lord to treat them as I would WANT to be treated and show them Christ's love, and that is what I am trying to do.
I'll keep you updated.

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