Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3/4 of a whole year old!!!!

This past Monday, Miss Priss turned a whole 9 months old!!!  Its so hard to believe 9 whole months have passed since I held this precious little miracle in my arms for the first time.  She was so small and helpless and now she is so big, and getting so independent!!
 We went to the doctor yesterday for her 9 month checkup and to ask a couple questions I have concerns about.  She weighed in at 18lbs 5.5 ozs, and that was with clothes, so I think she is really 18lbs even.
 Dr. L says she is growing perfectly and progressing nicely neurologically, which you know is a huge praise for us right now!!!  But this mamma's intuition is worried about one thing.  Chloe can not eat anything with consistency to it,   She eats stage 1 and 2 baby food just fine, but anything with little chunkies in it, or cheerios, or even cheerio 1/2s, she gags so bad, even to the point of vomiting!
 I've asked many different people about it and they don't really have an answer for me, so I finally brought it up to her ped on Tuesday.  She said that it is probably nothing, but given the fact that she has NF, we can never be too careful and we need to get it checked.  So she has ordered an Upper GI study as well as a swallow study for our girl to be sure there is  no tumor or other obstruction there.
 So this Friday I will take  her for the Upper GI, and then on Aug 7th she will have the swallow study done.  If you think about my girl, we would appreciate all prayers offered on her behalf.  We just want to keep her healthy!!  I adore this little face so much!
 Speaking of this precious face, she is sooo funny.  She just started making these crazy faces when I look through the camera and ask her to smile.  She cracks me up!!!  So I thought I would include a few of them for your comedy relief today!!!

Silly girl, but oh how I love to see her personality coming out!!  She is going to give me a run for my money I am afraid!! 
Oh one last thing I wanted to mention, I appreciate all the emails and face book messages saying you are praying for my grandmother.  It is much appreciated.  There is no update or change so far but we certainly appreciate your prayers.  God Bless you !!

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