Tuesday, July 24, 2012

41 weeks!!!!

 Ohhhh I love this picture!!!  This little face is just so precious to me!!!    So yep you guessed it, a whole week older, and still getting closer and closer to that beautiful first birthday, of which I am just starting to plan!!
So this was her first week at her new nursery school, and she had a rough couple of days there at the very beginning.  The second day she was there, she refused to take a nap of any kind of nap while there, after 7 hours I came to pick her up and she was just deliriously tired!!!  She fell asleep before I was even out of the parking lot!!  We got home about 5pm, and I put her down to sleep and my girl slept from 5p until 7a the next morning!!! My baby was exhausted!!!  But she has started to acclimate to the ladies that take care of her really well.                                                                                                                                        

Other than that, not much else going on...... its been so Africa hot outside nobody can do much of anything around here!!
Grandma did come over Saturday evening and we made Chloe a paper lantern mobile over her crib for her to look at.    We recruited Daddy to help too becasue he is sooooo tall.  I think it has totally changed the feel of her room and I am soooo happy with it and I think Chloe is too!!!!   Thats post will be comin up tomorrow!                 

I included this picture, so you could see her hair is finally starting to grow out!!!  If you look closely on the right side of her hair just above her ear, you can one of her sweet little curls trying to curl up!!!  I just love little toddler boys and girls with little bouncy curls all over!!!
Ohhhhh and one last thing!! This coming Saturday, we are having Chloe's 9 month professional pictures made at the beach, something I have always wanted to do, I just never had the time!!!  And you know I will be sharing them with you as soon as I get my hands on them myself!!

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  1. Oh, she is so beautiful!! Will be praying for her upcoming procedures and sending you all loads of love.