Thursday, July 26, 2012

A nice relaxing weekend and a new mobile for Chloe

So this past weekend was pretty nice and relaxing.  Baby girl had just gotten over being very sick with something she caught at nursery school, and Sweetness and I did not have a whole lot planned so we really enjoyed our time with our girl and were desperately trying to get her to crawl- as she is soooo close!!!
This is a picture of Chloe on Saturday morning with our dog Maggie, she was playing on the floor and Maggie came over and layed down beside her-I just had to get this adorable picture!!
Later in the day, Grandma came over to see us and I recruited her to help me with a project I have been wanting to do for a long time in Chloe's room.  So we brought Chloe into her room with us while we attempted to make a masterpiece!!!  LOL  She looks likeYou are gonna make what Momma?"
So basically I ordered many different colors and sizes of paper lanterns from various stores online, mainly amazon was a huge source.  Then you open up the lanterns and clip them to the open position, then using regular ole fishing line you hook them on hooks you have screwed in the ceiling.  You then arrange them until it has the shape and look you are after.
So this is how it looked before we started.....  just a plain corner of her room....
Then after opening up the lanterns, I laid them out on the floor to get a rough idea of how I wanted them spaced out!!!
Then I had my tall Sweetness come in a screw a few cup holder hooks in the ceiling to hold our fishing line, and we began to hang them up there--- in no particular order- just seeing what looked good!
Chloe was so sweet while  were doing this- she only wanted to play with the packaging that the lanterns came in!!!  Kids are so funny- you buy them an expensive toy and they only care about the box!!!

After it started coming together, Chloe was getting excited!!!  Yeah momma- this is so pretty!!!

And after an hour or so of arranging and more arranging- Mom and I finally got what we thought was the best placement for her new mobile!!! We layed her in the crib and she just loves looking at it!  Here is a shot of the final project!!!  I just love how it turned out
The view of the new mobile from her doorway!
An up close view
And a view from the closet in her room!

I just love it- I want one in my room now- but Sweetness is like ummm no!
So I know some of you have asked about her upper GI last Friday- well it had to be canceled becasue she was so sick.  Sweetness stayed home with her and took her to the doctor and they said she had a bad virus.  But her fever was so high- she could not have the test done.  I have not rescheduled it at this point because after she got well this past weekend- she then came down with a horrible cold on Monday evening.  Hubby stayed home with her on Tuesday, and I stayed home with her yesterday.  Thankfully she seems to be improving now and is back at nursery school today.  Man I knew kids were germ factories but this is crazy!!  My little girl has NEVER been this sick in her entire life and she has been around other children.  So hopefully she has some immunity built up now and is on her way to a healthy rest if the year- wishful thinking I know!!!
But this Saturday are her professional 9 month pictures- so I am so glad she is feeling better because we have had these scheduled for a time now!  I will be sure to post them later next week!  Until then God Bless!!!

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