Tuesday, July 31, 2012

42 weeks old!

I am so incredibly blessed!!!  The Lord has given us everything we ever dreamed of in our daughter- and MORE!!!  She is without a doubt the most precious miracle we have ever had the honor of being a part of, I mean I am just humbled that the Lord chose us to be her parents.  This little spirit is so sweet and precious- and as she is now growing more aware of who Mommy and Daddy are- and showing us love in return- my heart is overwhelmed with this amazing blessing of motherhood!
Our little Princess gets cuter by the day and we are having sooooo much fun watching her grow and experience new things!!!  So this past weekend was a huge step for her - and US!!!  She began to really crawl!!!!  On hands and knees and boy are we in for it now!!!  :)
So if we have ready said "No Chloe" once we have said it a thousand times!!!  So we are baby proofing the living room in earnest now, no decorations down low of any kind, and we put that padded bumper stuff around the replace brick to protect her if she falls into it.  That's one of my biggest fears is that she will hit that brick and gash her head in!
She is now in a size 3 diaper and still in some 6 m clothes, but mostly 9 m especially for the length!  She has recently been pushing away her food, but she still loves her formula/rice cereal bottles.  We have not had the swallow study or upper GI done yet (had to cancel bc she was so sick) and I guess I am secretly hoping she is going to grow out of it and start eating and I don't have to put her through all those tests.
Chloe is doing so well at nursery school now.  This is the start of the 3rd week there, and this morning when I dropped her off she went right to Ms. Emily from my arms and actually waved bye-bye to me with no tears or anything!!!  That makes me so happy!! She was like "See ya later Mom, I'm going to play with my friends now!!"
Any mom who has had to drop off their precious at a sitter during the day, know how wonderful it feels to know your little one is HAPPY and not crying for you all day!! Now if we can just make this her first full week there- and not home any days because of germies we will really have hit a home run!!!
The picture below is actually showing "the hand behind the curtain" of Daddy's who is always behind me making her smile when I am taking her pictures!!  I thought these were so cute I would include them this time.  After I'm done snapping pics, he will let her have whatever toy or animal he is using to p with her- and these were just so sweet when I look at her the sheer joy on her face when she actually got her hands on this puppy of hers!!  :)

And one more update- she was supposed to have her pictures made this past Saturday- but she woke up all congested and crying after being up much of the evening- so I canceled them and we will retry again this Saturday.  I was so bummed bc we have had this scheduled for such a long time- but hopefully it will all come together this Saturday, and I will have some beautiful professional shots of my angel to share with you!!!
Until next time~ God Bless and we love you all!!!

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