Monday, August 6, 2012

43 weeks old!!!

Wow, we have 9 weeks until my angel is a year old!!  I can not believe it!  She is blossoming into her own independent, sassy little self.  She is very aware of when I leave her now, and she is learning the meaning of "No" very quickly these days.
 Chloe is crawling on all fours now, and she can get anywhere she wants to go!!!  She is all over the floor, and we have tried to baby proof the den, but she seems to find everything!!  So we are looking into one of those large baby gate systems that hook together to make a play yard , so we can section off a safe place for her until she can walk.  She is trying to pull up on everything these days and it will not be long until I will come into to get her out of her crib and she will be standing there to greet me!!
 Baby girl had some real milestones this past week!!!  She actually ate a whole waffle french fry by herself without choking at all!  This is really her first solid food to speak of and I was so proud of her.  She actually used her 4 little teeth in the front to chew on it, and she swallowed it no problem!!!  So with that information, I think I am going to fore go the Upper GI study that is scheduled for tomorrow, because I think she is solving her own problems in time.  Yeah!!!
 Also on Saturday, we had her 9 month professional portraits made!!!  I have gotten several proofs to share with you but I absolutely can not wait to share these with you!!!  One of my students used this lady as her daughter's photographer for her first birthday and that's how I found her!  She is soooo reasonable in price and spends unlimited amount of time with you and lets you do as many outfit changes as your baby can stand!!  LOL  We went to an arboretum here locally and it formed the most beautiful backdrop for these photos, not some stuffy ole studio.  I love the classic candid shots or just taking pics while they do their thing- the forced still shot is good in limited areas, but these came out just as I envisioned!!!  So stay tuned!
 We also just introduced the sippy cup to baby girl, and she can hold it really well, but she gets very frustrated because she can not get anything out yet.  She does not know how to suck on it- but she will learn it in time!  I mean I remember holding her for the very first time, and now we are weaning her off her bottles????  Really???  Where did all the days go???
 I am looking so forward to fall and the cooler weather so we can get outside with her more, and be more active doing outdoorsy things.  It has been a brutal summer and the humidity is suffocating!!  But that's life on the East Coast for ya!!!
 And this past Tuesday, we had our monthly Operation Hope baby play date and Chloe had so much fun again with her little miracle friends.  Of course this momma had the camera in their faces to capture a few shots, so I will post those this week hopefully!!
And my girl is adjusting so well to her new day school!!!  Last week was out first full week where she did not miss any days due to illness!!!  Yeah!!  She is becoming more and more comfortable with the ladies there and when I get there to pick her up, she is playing with her little friends and it just makes my heart so happy to see her interacting and socializing with babies her age!!!
Not too much happening this week, but hopefully my next post will include her beautiful 9m professional pics!!  Until then God Bless!!!

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