Tuesday, August 14, 2012

44 weeks old!!!

This little angel is such a tease these days!!!  She loves to make the face shown here and show everyone her cute little teethies!!!  I can not believe she just turned 44 WEEKS OLD!!!  This is so very close to 52 weeks old and her being one years old!  It has been an amazing year and it has gone by so very fast- just like everyone told me!! 
She doesn't just sit there and let me snap her pictures anymore- oh no!!!  She has to touch everything!!! And she is beginning to show her dislike for when you take something away from her!!!  Now that she is crawling she has been told no about 6 million times already, but when she is headed  for something she knows she shouldn't touch, she turns around mid crawl and looks back smiling to see if anybody is watching her!!!
Beautiful Chloe's smiling and showing us her little pearly whites!!!!
Her favorite thing to do these days, especially while I 'm trying to take her picture is to break out clapping and yelling "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"  But man she is so stinking cute- I need to get this recorded so I have this frozen in time!!!  It's just sooo cute  :)
I hope you all enjoyed seeing her 9m professional  pictures in the last blog post.  The photographer is so wonderful, I mentioned to her that I was surprised that more pictures in front of the barn did not come out- because I really loved that setting.  She said she was also, but she wanted to ask me if we could go back to the spot where we took the pictures and shoot a few more of her in that spot as well as do the one outfit we didn't have time to put her in because she was getting so fussy.  I said are you serious?  Sure more pictures of my angel- who wouldn't snatch up that opportunity?
So we are going to take some more pictures the day after tomorrow, on Thursday afternoon, and I cant wait to see how they turn out!! 
The photographer April has really gone out of her way to make this a wonderful experience for us and she has worked so hard on making sure the photos are right and that we are truly happy!  I just love that about her!  If any of my local friends reading this reading this need a local, extremely reasonable priced, excellent photographer for any of your family's needs, please let me know and I will give you her contact information!!!  She is really fun to work with and she is great with children!!

Next week, we will be going back to the Neurologist for Chloe's next appointment.  At this appointment, we will be making the dreaded appointment for her first year MRI.  They will have to sedate her for this and I am so not looking forward to it, but they really do need a baseline level of her full body and make sure nothing is growing abnormally.  So that will be probably be in October sometime I would guess.

When this last picture was taken, she was pooped out from all the clapping and smileing she had done and just laid herself down right where she was.  I thought it was such a sweet picture, and a good way to end this post.  I am pooped myself baby girl- but we will find our joy and strength in the Lord!!!
Until next time- be safe and hug your babies and your spouse every single day- you never know when it may be your last!!

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  1. Hello there!!

    I love reading your blog, but I rarely comment. Chloe is growing up to be such a beautiful little girl! We will be praying for her upcoming MRI.

    Hugs from NC!

    P.S. we're fellow Clemson fans as well!