Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 months old !!!

How is it truly possible that my girl is already 10 whole months old???  I can hardly believe it has been that long- but boy does she change and blossom into her own self more and more each month!!!
She is so fun at this stage!!  She is doing so well at her new Day School- and she is such a hit with her teachers.  They love their Chloe girl!!!  The other day I picked her up and one of her teachers said she was so cute that afternoon, she was rolling the ball back and forth with one of her friends Jonathon!!!  I wish she had caught it on film, but just the thought of it makes me smile!!  Her first little boy friend!!
She is doing sooooo well with crawling now.  She crawls everywhere and she is just beginning to pull up on things to try to stand.  She has not stood up yet, just one her little knees but it wont be long for sure!
My sweet girl has decided she likes to be rocked at night to go to sleep now.  Her whole life, we have just laid her down in her crib with her little blanket and she soothes herself to sleep on her own- such a good baby.  But lately she has wanted Mommy to rock her to sleep and I sure don't mind snuggling with my angel, but it's interesting that she is changing in this way.

Grandma bought her a Little Tikes swing that we are hang on a wooden brace that Daddy built in our backyard and she LOVES that swing!!!  She loves to swing in it and it is so nice not to have to travel to the park every evening after a long day at work.  We all go outside and swing her for about 30 mins and then she is exhausted, and wants to be rocked to sleep and that's it, until 6:30 am in the morning!!!  She still sleeps 12 hours a night!!
She still is the happiest first thing in the morning when we wake up, as evidenced by these pictures.  These were taken this morning right after getting her up and getting her dressed in her little piggy dress for her 10 month pictures.  She was so full of smiles!!!

We truly are so blessed to be the parents of this amazing child.  She is far more than I could have ever dreamed of all those years that I yearned for a child.  I guess I didn't want to let myself go too far in my dreams of my baby and what they would be like, so each day is such a fun and new adventure with her.

I want to thank all of our blog readers who are praying for and have sent me sweet facebook comments on the fact that they are praying for my grandmother. We went to visit her Saturday and she looks so much worse than the last time I saw her. She has lost all her hair from the radiation/chemo and she is so very tired and weak. But Chloe made her smile and of course was the star of the show. In speaking to my uncle he said she has made peace with the situation and is comfortable and not in any pain. I don't know how long she has but it isn't that long- I'm glad I have been able to see her and tell her that I love her and somehow make peace with the situation myself.

Until next time...... be safe and hug your loved ones!!

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