Tuesday, August 21, 2012

45 weeks old and Sick AGAIN!!!!

So we are another week closer to that first birthday!!!  I must get it together and start planning that really soon here. But I have been so busy with a very sick girl that I haven't had time to do anything really (I'm even a day late on the weekly photos).  It started out on Friday afternoon, Ms. Cassie from Nursery school called and said she was refusing all bottles all day and she had a fever of 100.2 F, so I went and picked her up at 3pm and we came home.  By the time I got her home, changed her clothes and took her temp again it was already 103.1 F!!!!  I was very worried.
 But I remembered what they said in May when she had the Cosecki virus, that babies get high fevers and not to be alarmed if she is not limp or lethargic, so we rode it out all day Saturday, pushing fluids, And administering ibuprofen and Tylenol around the clock, but the fever was persistent and she seemed to be getting worse.
 So Saturday night/Sunday morning we called the pediatrician on call and they got us an appt to see our doctor on Sunday morning.  I love it that they have this after care office hours for acutely ill children on the weekends, because kids don't just get sick Monday thru Friday 9-5pm!!!!
 So we took her to the doctor, and they said she had an ear infection and some type of virus that was making her have such a high fever and starting to make her left eye yucky.  I snapped these pics on Sunday after noon when we came back from the doctor, when she was in a half way good mood, but it went down hill after these pics were taken.
 Her fever was back at 103.5 and we were frantic.  So Sunday night we headed to the Children's Hospital ER and let them check her out.  By this time her left eye was completely bloodshot in the white portion called the sclera, and she was crying uncontrollably and was burning up with fever.  They told us she had conjunctivitis (pink eye) and it would probably go to the other eye.  Great.  Just great!!!
 They also said she had the Noravirus and that was what was making her have all these high fevers.  They said it lasts 3-5 days, and we were on Day 3 so it should be coming down from here.   So we headed home in the rain, and all I kept thinking was how bad I wanted to get some sleep.  Two nights of no sleep is not a good combination!!  Ironically she couldn't go to daycare- the one place where she picked up all this crud, I now had to take another vacation day and stay home with my baby.
So yesterday I stayed home with her and she was so incredibly fussy, nothing made her happy, she was still burning up with fever, her eye was terrible, and I was exhausted.  Yikes it was not the best of days.  And to make it worse, Chloe seemed so hyped up like she could not go to sleep.  She finally crashed at 9:30pm last night after rocking with Daddy.  She did sleep all night last night and Grandma is on diaper duty today!!!

Chloe loves her Grandma!!!  I called and they are eating breakfast and Mom said her fever is gone.  She feels cool to the touch this morning- and I am so very thankful!!!  She was still sleeping when I left for work so I didn't have a chance to see her today.
You can look at these pictures I posted in this post and see the beginnings of her left eye but it looks even worse today mom said than yesterday!!  Lovely!! 
But all I can say is my girl is seriously building up her immune system!!!  That's for sure!!
Thank you to everyone that has been praying for my girl's quick healing and sending sweet messages. Nothing hurts worse than knowing you cannot fix it or back it better for your baby!!!  But hopefully we are on the mend for our 46 week pictures!!!  Take care and God Bless!!

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