Tuesday, August 28, 2012

46 weeks and finally on the path to wellness!

Well to say we got the sickies at our house would be the understatement of the year!!!!  As I said in the last blog post Chloe got pink eye in one eye, 2 ear infections, and the hanf, foot an dmouth Coxsecki virus again.  Well after she began to heal, she gave it to her momma in a serious way.  Chloe still was not completely herself when we took these pictures on Sunday as you can see she had just been crying, and was not offering too many smiles  :(

 Also the reason this weekly post did not get up on time is because I have been home from work so sick with this stuff she gave me.  I have never really experienced anything like this to be honest.  My eyes turned blood red and swelled almost totally shut.  It was sooooo painful my Mom took me to the ER on Sunday and they said it was one of the worst they had seen.  Interestingly though, the doc did not say I had pink eye, which I thought I got from Chloe, he said I had a very virulent strain of the Adenovirus.
 They gave me some steroid drops mixed with an antibiotic for my eye, but its Tuesday night and my eyes are still very red and crusty.  It really scared me, you take your vision for granted until you feel like it may be threatened or its totally out of your hands!!
 And on top of the eye situation, my whole body ached, had a migraine and both me and Sweetness had severe throat pain.
 Daddy has been super amazing as he always is, he dotes on me and Chloe hand and foot, he lets me rest and totally watches Chloe.  I mean I have the best hubby in the world, this is just one  of the reasons!!!
 Chloe's new thing is to blow kisses, as you see in the pic above.  It is actually so incredibly sweet!!  She even does it to strangers and its amazing how grouchy strangers just melt when a baby is blowing them an innocent kiss!!!
 Chloe is also pulling into a standing position now!!!  She did it for the first time in her crib when we awoke yesterday morning.  When we went in her nursery to get her, there she was standing and smiling- so pleased with herself!!!  Yeah baby girl!!!  You are getting sooooo big!!!
 The pics above and below are Daddy actually giving her the toys he was dancing around behind me with trying to get her to smile for this photo set.  She wasn't in the mood, but I had to get the pics, so then he rewarded her by giving her the animals to play with and she smiles then of course!!

Because this week's pictures were not so happy, I thought I would go ahead and include some pictures from a small reshoot we did of her 9 month professional pictures.  The professional photographer April-Marie asked if she could do a few more shots about a week after we did all the others I posted a link to on here.   Chloe only gave us a short time the first time because it was soooo hot outside and she got overheated!!  So we met last week in the same place and Chloe turned on her charm!!  These are some really cute pics!!
 The picture above is probably my very favorite of the lot.  She just looks angelic, and her perfectly smooth porcelain skin.
 Here she is showing us her teeth as she reads her book!
 I also love this pic, she looks like she is looking up to Heaven!!!
 After the blue outfit, we did one more outfit, in front of a little flower garden.  She was not too happy at first but she eventually warmed up and smiled so cute!!!

All of these are so precious to me!!! 
I just can not believe her 1st birthday is in less than 6 weeks!!!  My mom and I are already planning it- the theme is bright rainbow colors and candy!!  Her outfit is soooo amazing and it fits in perfectly with our theme!!
It will be on Saturday October 13, 2012 at 2pm.  If any of my friends are local and would like to come please let me know.  I want her to have some kiddos there to run and play with!!  We are having it at a park that has a HUGE park with tons of climbing and swings etc.  Just let me know!!
The weekend before on Oct. 6th we are getting her 1st birthday pictures done!  I have thought about these pictures so many times and looked for so many cute ideas, and I hope they turn out and that she is in a good mood that morning!!  You will certainly see them soon!!
Thank you for all the prayers and comments on lifting Chloe and I up for healing as we have had a tough 2 weeks with all this sickness- but we are getting through it!!!  We love you guys!!!  Until next time........

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