Tuesday, September 4, 2012

47 weeks and standing in the crib!!

Baby girl is a mess!!!  She is sooooo full of herself and so full of life!!!  I can hardly believe she will be 1 yr old in 5 short weeks, but what a celebration!!!!  I remember back one year ago during this time, and what an absolute wreck I was for the impending birth of my girl!!!  The Lord has been so very faithful to us!!

I don't have much time to post today, but I had to include these precious pictures of my girl standing up in her crib for the first time the other day!!!  I turned the corner to get her in the morning and there she stood sooo happy and pleased with herself!!!
I just LOVE these faces she gives me!!!!

I also love the bed head she has in these pics, she is just so precious!!!

I have so much to write about, and not much time to write.  My grandmother (on my Dad's side) passed away yesterday.  I have so many feelings that I am prosesssing in regards to this event in my life- but one thing I have gleaned from it all is that life is so very short to be petty over little things!!!
I will certainly expand more later- but it will be an emotional week and I hope that she is in peace and finally at rest!
Thanks you all for the loving facebook thoughts and sentiments.  And if this was not enough this week, we are trying the cry it out thing to get my angel to go to sleep.  Tonight will be night #2- I will certainly update more in that later as well.
Much love to all.....

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