Friday, February 27, 2015

I am coming back to Blogger land!!!!

Wow!!!  Has it really been over 2 years since I posted on this blog?!?!?  I can not hardly believe it, but yet I can!  This is our beautiful angel Chloe now at 3 years old.  These pictures were taken back in October 2014, for her 3rd birthday photo shoot and this one was my favorite.  She has blossomed into the most gorgeous, smart, kind-hearted and spunky little girl.  We could not have hand picked a more perfect child for us had we done so ourselves.  The Lord definitely knew what He was doing when He sent this angel into our lives and made us parents......

Life has been so crazy busy and I got lazy with my blogging after Chloe's first birthday.  I had this blog printed into a hardback book after her first birthday and it turned out LOVELY, and I hope someday my princess will enjoy reading in depth coverage of her first year of life week by week and the amazing journey we went on to bring her home!!

So many amazing things have happened in our life in these past 2+ years, and I would love to recount them all to document them but don't worry I won't do that here.  But we are about to embark on another life changing monumental journey that is so BIG I am going to start my blog back up again!!!!  I don't know if anyone is even still a subscriber to this blog anymore or will read it but I will not be blogging for anyone else really, just me and a place to put my thoughts in an organized fashion and to document this amazing journey we are now on........   What is that journey you ask???  Well you must wait until the next post where I will share in great detail.......  It is TRULY AMAZING!!!!

I remember last time I posted here something about how I had run out of blogger space and they wanted me to BUY space or I could not add any more pictures.  So because this blog address has always been my home and I don't want to get rid of all the work I did on this blog, I am going to consider paying for the extra space, I just don't know how much it will cost or even how to do that, so I'm hoping after I post this post, blogger will let me know!!

So with that said, I will sign off for now, but I will post our BIG NEWS and the reason for me to start back this blog in the next post, which should most likely be later today.  Leave a comment please and let me know if you are still subscribed and if you plan on following along with us and continuing to read my blog now that I am coming back to blogger land!!


  1. Still reading & cannot wait to hear your big news!!

  2. I'm still subscribed and can't wait to hear the exciting news!

  3. I am still here too :D - amyz

  4. It's cheap! I had to upgrade mine as well! Well, worth it!