Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Daddy's Birthday

So yesterday was my sweet husband's birthday.  We mostly celebrated this past weekend and Chloe sure loves to celebrate anyone's "Happy Day", but especially her favorite person in the world- Her Daddy!!!  

Sunday evening we all went out to dinner to Daddy's favorite place. I gave my Sweetness a new Fitbit Charge HR for him to use while he exercises everyday during lunch. He has really enjoyed using it the past 2 days and watching his heart rate and his tracking his water and food intake. It's amazing what all these wearable devices can actual do these days!!!  

I also gave him a Clemson sport watch which he really loved!!!!  Anyone who knows my Sweetness, knows he loves his Clemson Tigers!!! 

And then yesterday on his actual birthday, I gave him one more present- this very nice razor from The Art of Shaving store. He had been eyeing it for some time and he said it gave him the best shave ever!!  I was so happy he was happy. 
Also we had a cake and ice cream celebration at MiMi's house last night. Chloe had to help blow out the candles and she really did blow out most of them!!!  

It was great fun to celebrate the man that makes our lives complete. He is such an amazing husband and father and I know Baby Jacob will love his Daddy just as much as Chloe does!!! I am one blessed woman to have him by my side to do this life with.  He has been an outstanding helpmate to me through out this very hard pregnancy, and I know he will continue to be an amazing help mate once Jacob arrives.  I love him more than he can even imagine!!!!!!

Earlier in the day, it was 'Crazy Hair Day' at Chloe's preschool and I posted this picture to  Her hair really wasn't crazy per se, but it was about as crazy as Momma could get it that early in the morning!!!   LOL 😉

The next birthday coming up will be Baby Jacob's!!!!  Tomorrow we will be 26 weeks along-- it's going by so quick but still so slow at the same time as I am STILL dealing with nausea and vomiting on a daily basis that has never let up the whole pregnancy. It is still so bad that tomorrow morning I am having a PICC line put back in again so I can have IV Zofran and fluids to try to get me through  until the end safely.  

Tomorrow I will do an update on Jacob and all that has happened in the pregnancy since my last update at 20 weeks, complete with belly shots from each week.  Stay tuned.......

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