Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 vacation

My goodness, so much has happened in life and I keep meaning to update this blog and life is SO BUSY these days!!!  But I am going to try to catch up on all the posts I need to get in. 
A couple weeks ago, we both took off work on Friday and headed down to the Outer Banks in NC where Sean's family
Had rented a beach house for 2 weeks over the Memorial Day holiday. We went down Thursday evening and came back after 3 days of heaven at the beach!!!  We had a blast with aunt Joan and Uncle Bob as well as Denise, Bobby, Marissa and Mikie Gammer!!  

One of the highlights we found on the main road was Duck Donuts. daddy is now obsessed with them and we found out they just opened a new store right down the street from our house in Va beach!!!  

Chloe is such a beach baby, she wanted to stay on the beach day and night. But here are some cute snaps I took of her on our first beach vacation. 

Her and Daddy had a blast going out into the ocean. Chloe wanted to keep going out further until a big wave smacked her in the face and then she was pretty much done with the water, but the sand never lost its magic!!! 

She had a blast playing with her older cousin Marissa.  They dug a huge hole and they played in that hole for what seemed like hours. So sweet of Marissa to play with Chloe so much!!!

The next day Chloe and Daddy flew her Frozen kite with the princesses on it!!!

We took a day and went to see the ferry and went to a fish fry at the local firehouse......  We really had so much fun.  

Chloe and her cousin Mikie also had some great times playing.  Here they bonded over playing games on his iPad...... Go figure. 

Before we pulled out to head home, we snapped a few pictures and I absolutely LOVE this picture of my two luvies......
I didn't realize that I didn't get any pictures of Aunt Joan and Uncle Bob. That makes me sad.  I'm usually such a good picture taker, but pregnancy brain must be taking over. 

I will update more on baby Jacob and the pregnancy in my next post. So much to update. 

But this was such a nice weekend, we had the most perfect weather ever, never got HOT, just 75 degrees and windy. I got some nice sun and had that sun kissed glow for a couple days which I always like but I certainly am not a sun-worshipper so I stay pretty white these days!!!

What a wonderful time we had!!  

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